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Vrisva Space is a visionary leader committed to redefining space technology

With a passion for space and engineering prowess, we create products for cosmic exploration that also address Earth's challenges.

Vrisva was started in 2022 with the aim to build a sustainable rocket company that creates value at every step of building the rocket.

We are a young team of space enthusiasts and we aspire to drive the new space wave with innovative solutions. We are on a mission to make space accessible and beneficial for humanity. As we solve challenges along the way, the solutions are made available for all.

Space is quite unique, it can redefine technology, human relationships and even our place in the cosmos. We visualise a future where our civilisation uses space technology on a casual day.

Deep space network to communicate with satellites


A CubeSat mounted on a Stewart Platform

Hexapods: Motion and Precision For Building Better Products

April 2023

Chandrayaan-3 on the launchpad at SDSC-SHAR

What Impact Did The Chandrayaan-3 Have on The Global Space Race? (Part-2)

Sept 2023

A Stewart Platform / Hexapod made by Vrisva Space

Motion Simulation: Why is it critical? How is it fun?

May 2023


Meet Vrisva’s Spacefarers

Brains, Grit, and a Cosmic Fit: We are a diverse, multi-talented team bringing life to our imagination. Rooted in unwavering dedication and continuous effort, we approach our role as architects of tomorrow's cosmic adventures with tenacity and a sincere desire to contribute.

A team of scientists testing a satellite

Gadhadar Reddy, Founder







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