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Team Members

A Collaborative & Diverse Group

The team members at Vrisva Space are made up of experienced and dedicated researchers from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds. What unites them is an undying passion for learning and discovery. Meet them below.

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Ash Marcus

Research Adviser

As our experienced Research Adviser, Ash Marcus is a fundamental part of what makes Vrisva Space such a successful Research Lab. They are truly an invaluable member of our hardworking team.

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Charlie McMann

Post-Doctoral Fellow

The reputation of Charlie McMann precedes them, as they came to us with an impressive background. They have since become a valued Post-Doctoral Fellow on our team, adding important insights into our work.

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Jordan Parker

Project Supervisor

Jordan Parker has an incredible dedication to the work they do as Project Supervisor. They are a recent addition to the team, but they are already making invaluable contributions toward our research goals.

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